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Cyclops' Cave is the fifteenth level in the game Castle Crashers. Players should be careful not to get cornered by the sheer volume of enemies that they will sometimes face. On Insane Mode, the introduction of the heavyweight Coneheads can prove to be annoying due to how little it takes for one or several of them to kill a player.


The level starts with the player entering the cave from the Parade level. 5 food items (including the mushroom in the bottom left that gives food when attacked) are located at the entrance.

When moving right, some Thieves are seen scoping the carriage from Parade. A troop of Coneheads is then seen approaching from the left.

  • Wave 2: 6 Lightweight Coneheads, 4 Thieves. Players should be careful as to not be overwhelmed by them. Make sure to move to the right to collect the sacks of Gold before the Imps do.

To the right, 3 mushrooms are located. Players should attack these then collect the food that the mushrooms leave, for health to recover from the previous wave.

  • Wave 3: 4 Heavyweight Coneheads, 5 Slimes.

To the right, a large golden-colored gate with an eyeball on the top lies, marking the entrance to the Cyclops' Gate level


  • Light Saber - Has a chance of being dropped by Coneheads.
  • Thief Sword - Has a chance of being dropped by Thieves.

Animal Orbs

Main article: Parade

There are no animal orbs to be found on this level.


  • You can lure an Imp near a gold bag. This is incredibly useful since the Imp can always be hit if a golden bag is present and can be helpful for setting up Level 50 Combo attacks against the Slimes, especially on Insane Mode.





  • The music that plays throughout this level is Landfall by cycerin.
  • Cyclops' Cave has the same darkness around its edge as when the Evil Wizard is in his Spider Form in the Final Battle level.

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