Combo Locking is one of the most efficient tactics for insane mode, as since it's a combination of both melee and magic, it surpasses all forms of magic for most non-boss enemies.

Basic Info

Even the weakest of 360 X360 X360 X360 Y/360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y combos is about three times more powerful than the most powerful magic for normal enemies, being Red Knight's splash attack.

It's not as effective as juggling, but it's generally easier for less experienced players, not to mention less risky for heavyweight enemies, assuming you're using the ice element.

With every character besides Blue Knight and Iceskimo, simply repeat 360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y over and over again after reaching level 50. The drill spin knocks the enemy down, which resets the hit counter. Before level 50, use 360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y 360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y360 Y. Notice the third 360 Y on the second half of the combo. That causes your character to smash their weapon on the ground, which knocks the enemy over, therefore resetting the hit counter.

Blue Knight and Iceskimo are different from the rest of the characters, as their 360 X360 X360 X360 Y combo incorporates the ice effect. This is in fact a selling point for their 360 X360 X360 X360 Y combo being the best, as the ice effect alone resets the hit counter, and knocking enemies down is not necessary because of this, so therefore they're able to use 360 X360 X360 X360 Y over and over again, even after reaching level 50. Because they'll never have to wait for the drill spin to finish and for the enemy to stand up, they can perform two 360 X360 X360 X360 Y combos in the same amount of time it takes normal characters to do 360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y just once. Because of this their damage output is roughly twice as high as the weakest 360 X360 X360 X360 Y combo, and a good 200~400 damage higher than the next most powerful, which is Non-Elemental.

Damage Calculations

These calculations will be compared to Red Knight's splash attack over a period of a minute. It's assumed that all characters are using the Snakey Mace , and aren't using a pet that boosts strength or magic. The minute will be divided into five 12-second periods, and it's assumed that the enemy attacked never dies, and it's attacked at any time possible within the 60 total seconds.

Red Knight's Splash Attack

  • Characters who use: Red Knight
  • (23)24 * 3 = 1,656

Default and Lightning 360 X360 X360 X360 Y360 Y

  • Characters who use: Gray KnightRed Knight
  • Use 3 times in a 12 second period, 2 melee hits will crit in the whole 60 seconds
  • (37)3 + 107 + 47*3 = 795*5 = 3,975 - (37)2 + (37)4*2 = 4,197

Fire 360 X360 X360 X360 Y

Poison 360 X360 X360 X360 Y

  • Characters who use: Green Knight
  • Same as fire' but with poison 'damage over time.
  • (345)3 + 4,197 = 5,232

Non-Elemental 360 X360 X360 X360 Y

Ice 360 X360 X360 X360 Y

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