The Church Store is the third store that becomes available to players while playing through the game. It sells basic supplies as well as two weapons and an animal orb

Shop DescriptionEdit

The Church Store is one of the largest stores in the game, offering two weapons, an animal orb, and some basic supplies. The Church Store is unlocked after a player completes the Parade level.

Items sold Edit

The Church Store sells four items:

Vendor Quotes Edit

  • Blessed be this fine merchandise!
  • I make my very own holy water!
  • Shopping elsewhere is sacrilegious.
  • Authentic holy stuff!
  • Bless my soul, a shopper!
  • Thank you for the donation.
  • Help us build a new wing.
  • Care to make a donation?
  • I charge extra for bald jokes.
  • Shoplifters will be persecuted!

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Trivia Edit

  • The music that plays in the store is Spanish Waltz by Urbanus.
  • This is the first store in the game to sell Animal Orbs.
    • This is also the only store in the game that changes the Animal Orbs between Normal and Insane Mode, but only on the Remastered version of the game.
  • This, Snow Store, and Insane Store are the only stores in the game to sell more than one weapon.

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