The Chicken is one of the 31 Animal Orbs available for players to find in the game, Castle Crashers.

Location Edit

Xbox 360/PS3/PC/Xbox One: The Chicken can be obtained in Medusa's Lair. Using a shovel, the player can find (and therefore unlock) it by digging on the "X" mark in the first dry land section.

Ability Edit

Primary Ability

"Stat Balance"

Boosts +1 Strength, +1 Defense, and +1 Agility. Overall, not a bad Animal Orb, generally speaking, but there are many better options for stat attributes such as Snoot and Zebra.

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  • Chicken is designed to look like the logo of The Behemoth, the developers of Castle Crashers.
  • The Chicken is one of the 4 Animal Orbs that can be dug up.
  • The Chicken and the Refined Mace share the same stats.
  • The Chicken is a B rank Animal Orb (B+).
  • There is also a weapon you can obtain in the game that resembles the logo of The Behemoth.

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