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Watch your step, I just mopped the floor.

Castle Keep is the second level in the game Castle Crashers. On Insane Mode, the Barbarians may perform a Critical Strike that will kill any low Defense player who is inexperienced at Insane Mode.


Following the stairs will lead to a fierce battle with an ally Gray Knight. Help the Gray Knight defeat the enemies then the store opens up with the Castle Keep Shopkeeper emerging from hiding. Leaving the castle will end the level.


For the shop weapons, visit the See also header below.

Animal Orbs

There are no animal orbs to be found on this level.


  • After battling through this level, a shop will open up that sells Health Potions and the Skinny Sword.
  • Upon completing this level, you'll unlock the King's Arena.
  • The achievement/trophy Conscientious Objector is a part of this level. This level, like Home Castle, cannot be done alone without attacking the enemies. You'll need another player to attack the enemies for you.


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  • The music played while in Castle Keep is Mudholes by Will Stamper.

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CC Castle Keep

Gray Knight in both Home Castle and Castle Keep on Normal Mode.


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