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Bosses are the final challenge in almost every level. There are some minor bosses (also known as Mini Bosses) who are fought midway through a level, with a harder boss waiting at the end. However, all four bosses within the game's final level are considered bosses. Certain bosses may appear multiple times in a level or, in one case, reappear as a normal enemy in a later level.

List of Bosses and their Locations

List of Minor Bosses and their Locations

Boss Slayers

Boss Slayers are playable characters that have the ability to kill any boss barring the Troll Mother, Bear Boss, Conehead Groom (one exception), Giant Troll, Volcano, Dragon and Sock Puppet (one exception), Corn Boss, Frost King, and Necromancer (one exception) extremely quickly or at the very least at a tolerable rate. They tend to be generalists, due to this.

Here are the following boss slayers in no particular order:

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  • There are a total of 21 bosses to fight in all versions of Castle Crashers.
  • Evil Wizard has the most phases out of every boss in the entire game with 5 (6 if counting the Crystal Shards).
  • Volcano is the only boss in the entire game that requires an item in order to kill it.
  • The following bosses, when killed, will give you these respective Princesses. if playing in co-op, the players will have to duel until there is one person standing to receive a kiss from the princesses.
  • Pipistrello deals the highest damage out of all the bosses in the entire game with 999 damage dealt from his tongue attack on Insane Mode; enough to kill anyone below 1,000+ HP.

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