A group of players opening a Boss Chest after defeating the painter.

The Boss Chest is a large chest dropped from the sky that crushes a boss after it is defeated. When a player attacks the chest, it will open, playing party music and spews coins and gemstones into the air, which can be collected by the character. An easy, quick way to gain lots of money for players level 7 and above is to collect the Animal Orb Frogglet and to then defeat the Barbarian Boss level many times, allowing the player to collect heaps of money from the Boss Chest. Frogglet will help collect the money but he is not required.


After defeating:


  • If you look very intently at the flow of valuables erupting from the chest, you can see a wrapped item, even though no Boss Chest contains any at all.
    • There also seems to be smaller chests, but none are dropped as well.