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The Bomb is a tool that is available at some of the stores in the game. It's also a form of Projectile Attack for certain characters. The Bomb is considered to be Fire-elemental.

Its appearance is simply a spherical black bomb with a white rope connected on their top.


Bombs can be used to damage enemies and open hidden areas. If there's a crack in the wall, a bomb can be used on it. If the crack gets bigger, bombing it one or more times will reveal some sort of secret. A bomb won't harm the player once it detonates, so it's safe to use one and stand in place until it explodes.

It's considered to be fire-elemental based, so it deals one hit of fire damage over time. Almost half of the enemies in the game are weak to it as well. This outclasses the Necromancer's "Kamikaze Skeleton". When used in the air, it falls at a 60° angle rather than a 45° angle like most projectiles, which only makes it more effective because it will hit enemies that stand close to you, where you can't hit them with projectiles at Magic Jump height. With magic bombs, those enemies will be no big deal at all, and that makes combining levitating and Projectile Attack spamming very useful for going solo on Insane Mode without taking damage.

There is no need to buy bombs if you or another player is Gray Knight, Conehead, or Royal Guard since they have magic bombs.

Pink Knight's stuffed animals are similar to bombs in almost every way, except for their element. Since stuffed animals are non-elemental, they don't deal damage over time, don't have an explosion radius, and can't hit multiple enemies, but they partially make up for that by critical hitting enemies based on the player's current weapon's Critical Hit chance. Stuffed animals, like bombs, outclass "Kamikaze Skeletons".

Characters that have the bomb element are especially useful in arena mode. Bombs can be used to combo-lock opponents, this combo-lock is one of its kind due to a player not being able to escape one even while being frame-perfect. Video footage of combo locking is found here

Bombs are necessary to find the following Animal Orbs:


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