Bitey Bat is one of the 29 Animal Orbs a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers.


XBox 360/PS3/PC: Bitey Bat is located in the Pipistrello's Cave level. You must defeat Pipistrello, the large bat who will fly around the screen trying to lick you and pooping. When you kill Pipistrello, it will deflate and turn into Bitey Bat.


How to get Bitey Bat.


Primary Ability

"Head Chomp"Bitey Bat's primary power is going to an enemy and biting said enemy's head.  While being bitten, enemies cannot move or attack, making this a very useful et for setting up combos and juggles. Cannot bite enemies in the air.

Secondary Ability


Sometimes, when biting an enemy, Bitey Bat will very rarely bite the head off of referred enemy,killing it instantly. 


  • Bitey Bat is an A Rank pet (A-).
  • Bitey Bat can reset the hit counter.

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