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A Beefy Alien Hominid.

Beefy is a game mechanic that alters the play style of any character to a more buff style. Beefy characters have a large, muscular frame, and they fight using brute force instead of weapons.


Fighting style under the effects of Beefy consists of punching, kicking, and swinging of arms in a windmill fashion. The player is also immune to knockback from most attacks, with the exception of magic, larger opponents and most bosses at a cost, as the player takes less hits to kill in beefy mode.

If the player attacks a beefy enemy while they're still beefy they'll begin parrying, which in beefy form appears more like wrestling, only the winner throws the other beefy high into the air, causing them to take fall damage.

Using aerial attacks while beefy is referred to as "The Windmill" and is not a form of juggling.

The Windmill can be used to permanently suspend heavyweight enemies in the air. This can be done on normal heavyweights solo by doing the windmill and pressing the jump button at certain times when in the air to drop back down to the enemy's height. Doing this technique is a very good way to kill the Groom on Insane Mode. With two or more beefy players, enemies such as the Elite Conehead and to a limited extent, Stovefaces, can be juggled.

The player can also grab basic enemies and throw them across the screen to cause damage to them along with anyone in the way of the thrown minion.

The player gains invincibility frames for a short time after usage, so this item can help you in certain cases, e.g. when the dragon is about to breathe fire on you when you're in the air, you can use a sandwich to prevent it from hitting you and knocking you back and you can proceed to windmill it for rapid damage which is one of the fastest way to take on this boss. It can also get you out of eternal blocking when you are surrounded by trolls in the Troll Mother fight but you have to windmill constantly to prevent trolls from closing in.

Beefy Sprites


  • The metallic door with a golden lock at the end of the animal orb ark and the gate to The Flooded Temple are the only obstacles that cannot be destroyed while Beefy. However, you can open the locked door as a Beefy if you are holding the Key Sword.
  • If the player throws the Groom while in beefy form, a glitch will occur that causes the Groom to fly across the playing field in loops until he hovers above one of the benches, or until he's attacked again.
  • If you eat a sandwich and let the timer get low, you can do a glitch by entering kissing mode from a princess and when the timer goes out, you can walk freely, with the princess kissing the air.
  • In Arena mode, there is a Beefy game mode where you need to eat chickens to become beefy and defeat your foes. You do not do damage whilst not in beefy mode.

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