The Bear Boss enters from the right of the screen by exiting from a hut. He does a little dance (presumably a rain dance as it rains while he does it), then the fight starts immediately.


The Bear Boss is basically just another Bear, except that he is stronger than the others, has more HP, and uses electric attacks; this fact plus his ability to rain dance means that he may be a Bear Shaman. He will also transform into a tornado from time to time and spin around the level, causing electric damage. He has four other Bears that fight with him and uses the Animal Orb Rammy.



During the fight with the Bear Boss, the player is restricted by an invisible wall to the left and right. Players should wait until the boss stops spinning as a tornado, and then attack him with their favorite method. Keep in mind that you will get knocked down by Rammy periodically, especially if you knock the Rain boss down. If you kill a bear, another one will take his place. If the boss is damaged while in tornado form, he will return to his normal form. This can be done most easily with arrows, magic projectile, or splash magic. This will stop him, and if you use poison before he becomes a tornado, his tornado will be green and he will keep taking poison damage. On occasion, Bear Boss will continue to attack after his health bar is depleted; for a few seconds. His main attack is the tornado.

Advanced: The Bear Boss is a medium-weight enemy. Juggle him like you would any medium-weight (e.g. Fire Demon).


When the Bear Boss is defeated he and the other bears will die. He will leave behind Rammy for you to collect.

Trivia Edit

  • He is considered to be the tribe "elder".
  • The Bear Boss's tornado uses lightning.
  • The Bear Boss cannot get knocked down by arrows.

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