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The Bear Boss is a boss encountered on the 3rd wave of Tall Grass Field. Before the fight starts, a cutscene plays where he does a dance for a few seconds, then he initiates combat.


The Bear Boss is nearly identical to the normal bear enemies, but he has a few special abilities. He uses his tornado magic much more often than other Bears, with very short cooldowns in between tornado uses. He also has Rammy as his pet, which will knock you down if given the opportunity. The Bear Boss always deals electricity damage on hit, and is a mediumweight. Lastly, he wears a flag on his back, which means he will take double damage until a player gets into a sword lock with him, which is also guaranteed to happen when he is hit by melee attacks on the ground.

During the fight, 3 other Bears will aid the Bear Boss. When these Bears are killed, they will instantly respawn until the Bear Boss is defeated.


The Bear Boss is a very simple enemy to defeat, granted if you do not have a hard time seeing through the rain effects onscreen. It is highly recommended to not get into a sword lock with the Bear Boss, as not getting into a sword lock means you will deal double damage to him, effectively negating his increased health compared to other Bears. When the Bear Boss is using the tornado, he is not immune to damage, and when hit, the tornado is cancelled. Feel free to use arrows, magic, melee, or even a well-timed Shield block to knock him out of the tornado. The same goes for any enemy that uses tornado magic as well. If you have not gotten into a sword lock with him, a full mediumweight juggle will erase more than half of his health, even killing him if well executed and/or with critical hits.


Upon defeat, the Bear Boss, the other Bears will drop dead, and Rammy will be left behind for players to collect.


  • The Bear Boss cannot get knocked down by arrows.
  • The dance he does at the start of the fight initiates rain.

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