The Bat is an enemy is Castle Crashers. It is found in the Pipistrello's Cave and Rapids Ride levels.


The bat will attack characters by flying around their heads and dealing small amounts of damage. the player will be immobilized while the bat is bitting the top of their head.

In Rapids Ride, after you escape the giant Troll, upon entering the river, several bats appear that you can fend off while on a floatation device.


Players should mash Xbox360 Button X to get away from the bats. They can also be beaten back with either magic or melee. Another easy way to defeat them is A+A/PS3 X+PS3 X


Bats can be farmed in Pipistrello's Cave for XP, and while it's not the most effective form of XP farming at levels higher than ~35, it's one of the few methods of farming that work just as well on normal mode as they do insane mode.

Rapids Ride Edit

Bats will fly and attack players after they landed in the river after they escaped the Giant Troll. They will latch on to the player like they do normally. All the player needs to do is hit them and they fall into the river. Bats are not really a threat compared to what else lurks in the river.


The bat will drop to the ground and explode in a cloud of blood.

Trivia Edit

  • BiPolar Bear will not attack bats.
  • It is important to get rid of the bats early in Pipistrello's Cave, especially during Insane Mode, in which Pipistrello's lick does 999 damage and the bats can easily swarm and trap the player.
  • If you are in the water, the bats will swarm you but can't attack you.
  • You can set him as your Xbox 360 profile picture from a picture pack.

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