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The Barracks is a sublevel of the Home Castle, and where the player spawns when starting the game as a new character or entering Insane Mode.

On the left side of the level are five wooden tables with chairs next to them. Three massive booze barrels can also be seen in the background. On the right side, it is connected to the main Home Castle level by a flight of stairs with a few bunk beds next to it. There are also a few practice dummies and targets to the left of the bunk beds and stairs.

Veterinarian, Traveling Salesman, Sorceress, and Blacksmith appear as NPCs in this level that can be interacted with. Breakable barrel props are also present, yielding one food item each.

In the party sequence after the Final Battle, the Barracks take on a different appearance, with balloons, buntings, and many NPCs commemorating the victory.


The player can talk to the NPCs in the level for gameplay tips, and, in the case of the Traveling Salesman, a Health Potion, provided that the player has none remaining. Practice dummies and targets are also found in the level, which the player can utilize to practice attack combos and archery skills. Below the two Peasants are 3 coins that can be picked up.


Main article: Final Battle

After defeating the Evil Wizard in the Final Battle, the player rides the Crystal back to the Barracks, where a party takes place.


There are no weapons to be found on this sublevel.

Animal Orbs

  • Mr. Buddy - There is a dig spot marked by an X at the back of the Barracks, which the player can dig up using a shovel to obtain Mr. Buddy.



Barracks Song


  • In either game mode, the Traveling Salesman gives the player a Health Potion when talked to as long as the player doesn't have any.
  • The Veterinarian is carrying the Snailburt Animal Orb with her.
  • The music played in the Barracks is called Barracks Song.

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