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Arenas are places throughout the game where players can either fight each other or waves of enemies, There are five arenas located through the course of the game. If a player is playing in single-player mode, they will face waves of enemies related to that arena. If the player is in multiplayer mode, they will fight the other players.

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Additional Information

  • Enemies appearing in an arena will behave quite differently from their similar counterparts, which you've fought through the course of a normal stage. They may have extremely increased speed, to the point that they can perfectly mimic your every move, making it very hard trying to find some breathing room to counterattack. They may have increased strength or increased defense, which in some cases may let them withstand a complete charge from a magic splash attack from a player who has maxed his magic stats.
  • Due to their increased stats, the enemies might turn the direction of a battle in a matter of seconds. It's not rare that casual players, after reaching the last rounds of an arena and believing they have control of the situation, suddenly go from being at full health to being dead in a couple of seconds, because one enemy successfully landed a hit on him, and this gave the opportunity to the rest to surround him from both sides and start rapidly slashing, while the player simply had no time to react.

General Strategies

  • Never let yourself be surrounded. As obvious as this is, the enemies will take advantage of this and continuously attack you. This also prevents any means of escape as you get hit and sent back to the ground.
  • Always remember to fill up on potions before starting an arena challenge.
  • Remember to block when you aren't attacking.
  • When you are being swarmed by enemies, a well timed jump/splash spell will usually provide you with a means of escape.
  • Potions do not heal you automatically in Arena, so make sure to use a potion when you’re low.
  • In every arena, except for the Volcano Arena and the Thieves' Arena, there are two giant cats that will swipe at the player when they are nearby. These swipes are highly damaging, but can be blocked and used to the player's advantage. By standing close to either cat and continuously holding the "block" button, enemies will continuously walk directly in the cat's claws. Using this method, four out of the five arenas can be completed with minimal effort, though it is viewed as cheating by some players.
  • Sandwiches can be used, but be careful when using them because they make you an easy target and enemies may drain your health quickly.
  • There are 10 rounds in a single player arena match.
  • Having Hawkster on the arena greatly increases your chances of winning, because of the food scavenged by the pet from the bodies.
  • This is the most effective way to complete any of the arenas if you're having trouble with the swarms. Find a character with a continuous magical ability (such as the Red Knight), when there are only a few enemies you should be fine but once the overwhelming swarms come out simply keep your shield out. You'll start noticing points where you'll have the largest opening to attack. Once that happens, let loose your magical attack until your energy gives out. Depending on your magical level this is usually a devastating attack which has little to no openings. Repeat until the swarm has been diminished to a reasonable size.
  • Archers cannot shoot you from outside of the screen. Try to keep your back to the edge of the screen if you can.
  • On arenas with cats, you can back into a bottom corner then walk up until you are touching the cat. It will prevent you from getting surrounded and from there you can use splash magic to beat the arena, if performed right, throw enemies back into the door as soon as they come out to stick them on the wall.


The race around the world (Edit)
Character unlocked


  • There are 55 enemies to kill in each arena, which means a player has to kill a total of 275 enemies in single-player mode to unlock all the arena-exclusive unlockable characters.

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