All You Can Quaff is a mini game in the Xbox 360 Version of Castle Crashers.


The player repeatedly alternates between pressing the "X" and "Y" buttons to eat whatever food is in front of him/her. Then, the player would press the "A" button to ring a bell, which would summon a new plate of food. A flag is shown behind each player to mark how many plates of food have been eaten. The further up the flag is, the closer the player is to winning.

The mini-game has since been removed in every single version after the Xbox 360 version due to disinterest.


  • Mashing X, Y, and A are the only button inputs to efficiently use. This will sprain your fingers in the process, however.
  • In order to get the Glork Achievement, you must win 20 ranked games of All You Can Quaff. This is very difficult to do because of several factors when playing on Xbox Live and because the player population for the Xbox 360 Version of Castle Crashers has decreased over the past several years.



Evil Snake Lady


  • CPU players will be either Barbarians or Gray Knights.
  • The eating speed of the Barbarians/Gray Knights would be randomized every game, but it appears that on average Barbarians would have a faster eating speed.
  • It is similar to an Alien Hominid minigame called All You Can Eat.
  • On the PlayStation 3 Version, there is a Volleyball Game instead of All You Can Quaff.
  • The foods you eat are cacti, pears, cherries, apples, bananas and turkey legs.
  • This minigame was removed in the Castle Crashers Remastered update and replaced with Back Off Barbarian.

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