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The Alien Ship is a minor boss in Castle Crashers. Two of these ships are found at the end of the Desert level.


The alien ship will drop Alien Hominids, or try to drop slabs of rock on players. When the ship drops an Alien Hominid, it will move independently and will attempt to attack the player, except the first one, that dies upon impact. This can get out of hand if too many appear, but they can be easily killed in one hit. The slab that it may drop has a large area, and can plant the player in the ground (forcing them to wiggle the left thumbstick), but can easily be dodged. The glass is translucent, and the pilot is identical to the main character from Alien Hominid.


Players should jump up and melee the ship. Heavy attacks are suggested as they will do more damage as well as help keeping the player airborne to keep hitting the ship. Upon defeating the first Alien Ship, you'll fight a second one.

This boss is much easier if you can air-juggle well: pressing Xbox360 Button X.png/PS3 Square.png rapidly and then pressing Xbox360 Button Y.png/PS3 Triangle.png to keep airborne. You can defeat many bosses in one consecutive juggle if done well.

The Alien Ship is not resistant to knockback, so if you keep hitting it on the right spot, you can somewhat trap it on the screen, which can make this the easiest boss fight in the game.


When the ship is defeated, it will explode in a pile of rubble. Because this is a minor boss, the player receives no rewards.

Also, after the second one's defeat, a large space ship will suck you (and your Animal Orb if applicable) up with a tractor beam, which will lead to the Alien Ship level.


  • The Alien Ship boss may be a reference to the game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (another one being the Industrial Castle level). At the end of the sewers section of the second level of that game, you'll battle Baxter Stockman, who attacks on a flying pod in a very similar fashion as the Alien Ship, and will also drop "mousers" (a type of robot in the TMNT universe which has a somewhat physical resemblance to the Alien Hominid) in a very similar way as the Alien Ship fills the screen with Alien Hominids.
  • The alien ship seems like it would be a good place to grind XP since that there are unlimited aliens, but due to the fact that they die in only one hit, you only get 1 XP per alien.

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