Castle Crashers- Max Agility

Castle Crashers- Max Agility

Agility is one of four character attributes in Castle Crashers. Agility affects how fast a player moves, how far their arrows will fly, how much damage they will do, how fast you can shoot arrows, and it also makes juggling easier, makes combo locking easier, makes alignment easier, and makes dodging easier, essentially making it replace defense entirely, as taking 25% less damage by tanking with defense isn't as good as taking 100% less damage by dodging with agility. At the beginning of the game, a bow deals 3 damage, and the player will move at a regular rate of speed. With each point put into agility, a bit more damage will be dealt by bows and the player will be able to move a bit faster. The Sai (+6) or the Skeletor Mace, combined with the Meowburt (+3) animal orb, increases Agility by 9, the greatest possible agility boost.


The following weapons grant the best agility bonus:

Animal OrbsEdit

These Animal Orbs grant an Agility bonus: