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Castle Crashers - Max Agility

Agility is one of the four attributes in Castle Crashers. Agility increases run speed and arrow damage, range, speed, and frequency.

For each agility, arrow damage increases by 1, run speed increases by 2% percent (of base) to a max of 50% increase. Specifically:

  • arrow damage = 2 + agility
  • run speed = min(base run speed * (1 + (agility * 0.02)), 1.5)

In Remastered, the greatest agility bonus is +10. (Sai and Cardboard Tube give +6. Meowburt gives +4.) At min level=1 and min agility=1, arrow damage is 3. Run speed is 1x. At max level=99 and max agility=25, arrow damage is 26. Run speed is 1.5x.

The increased movement speed makes juggling, combo locking, alignment, and dodging easier. Since dodging helps with survival, some consider agility a substitute for defense.


The following weapons grant the best agility bonus:

Animal Orbs

These Animal Orbs grant an Agility bonus: