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Achievements/Trophies are rewards for completing specific challenges within Castle Crashers. Currently, players can earn a total of 200 Gamerscore from completing all the achievements in the game.

All achievements/Trophies are listed below.

Icon Name Gamerpoints How to unlock
KayISS.jpg Kay Eye Ess Ess 15 Win a kiss from all four princesses in a multiplayer game.
Traditional.jpg Traditional 20 Complete the game using any character.
TheTraitor.jpg The Traitor 20 Defeat any boss by playing as one of his own minions.
DeerTrainer.jpg Deer Trainer 20 Navigate the Abandoned Mill without hitting any obstacles.
ConscientiousObjector.jpg Conscientious Objector 20 Complete through the Barbarian Boss without attacking any foes..
MaximumFirepower.jpg Maximum Firepower 10 Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power (Flowery Field area).
AnimalHandler.jpg Animal Handler 20 Collect all 26 Pets.
Arenamaster.png Arena Master 15 Win 40 Arena Ranked Matches.
MeleeIsBest.jpg Melee Is Best 15 Defeat any Boss without using Magic.
TreasureHunter.jpg Treasure Hunter 20 Find and dig up 10 buried items.
Medic.jpg Medic! 10 In a four-player game, resuscitate each of your fallen comrades at least once.
Xbox 360 Exclusive
Glork.png Glork 15 Win 20 All You Can Quaff Ranked Matches.
PlayStation 3 Exclusive
Trophy2.jpg Social Networker Bronze Reach 20 hits in a single Volleyball rally.
Trophy.jpg You Are Insane Gold Complete Insane mode and become the ultimate Castle Crasher.
Castle Crashers Remastered Exclusive
The Final Countdown 75 Survive until 2:30 in a Back Off Barbarian match.

Achievement Strategy Guide

Kay Eye Ess Ess: Play Barbarian Boss, Cyclops' Fortress, Ice Castle, and Final Battle all in one multiplayer game, and get the kisses from each princess.

Traditional: Complete every level in the game with one character.

The Traitor: Defeat a boss with one of it's own minions

If you want to get this achievement early in the game, complete the King's Arena to unlock the Barbarian, then, defeat the Barbarian Boss.

If you want to take the hard route for whatever reason, A comprehensive list of all possible sources is:

Deer Trainer: Follow slightly behind the other deer on the Abandoned Mill level, then you will know when to jump or moved to fit into a door.

Conscientious Objector: Play a co-op game, with two controllers plugged into your system, and use the character you do NOT want to earn the achievement with to beat the level.

Maximum Firepower: Wait until the red bar becomes full while in the catapult close to the end of the Flowery Field level, then press the button that indicates you to launch.

Animal Handler: Collect all 26 animal orbs.

Arena Master: Win 40 ranked (online) arena matches.

Melee Is Best: Beat any boss without using any sort of magic. Pro tip: Either juggle on the boss, or if you have a high enough agility bar, use your bow and arrow.

Treasure Hunter: Once you get the shovel on the Desert level, find ten 'X' shaped holes to dig up.

Medic: Either play a multiplayer game where your 3 teammates die and you revive them, or play a co-op game by yourself with 4 controllers and wait for your teammates to die, then revive them all.

Glork: Win 20 online matches of All You Can Quaff.

Social Networker: It is relatively easy to win this medal. Repeatedly use your splash magic or projectile. This will knock down the opposing team's members so they cannot hit the ball back to you. Characters like Fencer and Industrialist with mid-to-high magic levels are ideal for this level (Sand Castle Roof).

You Are Insane: Complete every single level of the game on Insane Mode. (You must beat the game on Normal Mode first to unlock Insane Mode.)