The Evil Sword is one of the 84 weapons a player can obtain in the game Castle Crashers Remastered.


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The Evil Sword, Necrotana, Necromancer's Sword, Necromancer's Katana, or Black Katana, is dropped by the Necromancer in the Wizard Castle Interior level. The weapon can also be obtained by unlocking the Necromancer by completing the Industrial Castle level on Insane Mode.

While the weapon itself hasn't changed in terms of its stats, the Beholder Animal Orb can finally get a synthetic Magic bonus with the Evil Sword. Meaning more mana regeneration and Magic range. Spiny also pairs well with the weapon; combining the two gives a +11 Defense bonus, with no Agility penalties.

Players must have a Level of 20 or more to wield it.

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The Evil Sword as it appears in the Weapons Frog in Group 10.

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  • The Evil Sword has the highest Defense bonus out of any weapon in the entire game.
    • The Evil Sword also allows for the highest Defense bonus in the entire game, if combined with Snailburt, in exchange for -2 Agility, which is +7 Defense.
  • The Evil Sword has moved to Group 10.
    • In the original versions of Castle Crashers, the Evil Sword was in Group 8.
    • and it is considered quite difficult to obtain in the game except for the demonic sword
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